About Me

Hi – I am (in case you hadn’t worked it out) Titus Jennings, a Radio Presenter, Producer, Voiceover, Writer…and a few other things besides.

I’ve worked on a large number of  radio stations over the past 30 or more years. Currently I have the pleasure of presenting two regular programmes, my Retro Album Chart Show and The Titus Jennings Experience, on several selected internet-based stations.

Full details of the Retro Album Chart Show, along with where and when you can hear it, can be found on the Retro Album Chart Show page of this site, as well as on my Facebook page which is updated regularly.

The Titus Jennings Experience programme returned in January 2016, initially with Pirate Nation Radio, but is now also hitting the airwaves on several other fine and listener-friendly stations. Check the Titus Jennings Experience page here and/or the Facebook page for updates.

If you’re interested in catching up with any shows you may have missed, or want to hear a programme again, then the TitusRadio Rewind service is for you. Full details are available on the TitusRadio Rewind page, including the details of programmes currently re-running. You’ll also see the player(s) at the bottom of that page, as well as on this one.

As well as presenting radio programmes, I am a producer of shows, jingles (or “imaging” if you prefer the modern idiom), promos, adverts, and other audio work. I am an accomplished voiceover artist and have been known to throw in a few accents from time to time (mostly successfully, though one or two have slipped a little).

I’ve written music, visual and literary reviews, principally for Record Collector magazine; have scripted, voiced and produced radio promotional and advertising material; and have been involved in the publication of some more specifically job-related writings.

If you’re interested in talking to me about radio or writing, or would like to offer me some work (especially paid work, a family has to eat), please get in touch by Email, Twitter or Facebook. These are also the best ways to get in contact if your company would like to discuss sponsoring any of my radio shows, or some of the features they contain.

Thanks for listening to the shows and for visiting my site.





2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. A long,long time ago I remember a younger Titus had just listened to the Christiane F soundtrack and was blown away by Bowie. About December 1981? I had to find out what all the excitement was about and was blown away too.

    Bowie was an arts student that NEVER, ever grew up – he constantly challenged himself and explored both internal and external worlds. Never afraid to fail that inexorable curiosity led him to lead a complete life.

    So called success and arrogance can often marry but I have yet to hear a sore word- perhaps an even greater task to achieve.


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