TitusRadio Rewind

As some people have lamented not being able to catch my programmes at the time they’re broadcast, I decided to start an archive service. You can point your browser to TitusRadio Rewind and hear shows a month after they were initially broadcast. I will update the site weekly. (I’ll try and do it every Monday, but there are no guarantees!)

The reason that the shows are being held back a month from initial broadcast before upload to TitusRadio Rewind is purely to allow the stations a chance to offer further repeats if they want to.

There are now many editions of both  The Retro Album Chart Show and The Titus Jennings Experience, dating back to 2016 and from as recently as four weeks ago, available to stream and enjoy – and of course to share with those around you, or further afield if you’d care to share the links. I’ve also added the full archive (a mere baker’s dozen) of the shows I recorded for BigL back in 2011. If there’s any interest I may add some of the Breakfast Shows I broadcast on Caroline Rocks back in 2004/5, although the quality of these is a little grungy due to the kit the shows were recorded on back in the day.

When I upload new (old) programmes, I will put updates on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to keep an eye on the sites.


Away From The Wireless

I am not only a microphone monkey music junkie. I don’t keep myself locked away in a studio creating audio things for people to enjoy. No, I am also known to go out and about on our smallholding and do some of the jobs which need doing. My lovely partner writes an excellent blog detailing some of what we get up to – why not read it? http://holdingon4.blogspot.co.uk/ – I know she’d also like your comments. She also vlogs most days now (you can find a link to the vlogs on her blog) and, once in a blue moon, I find myself caught on camera (I usually try to avoid such things).

As an extra plug for my creative side, I ought to let you know that I take a fair proportion of the photos on that site. I may start a photographs page on this one at some point in the future, if there’s any interest.

The Titus Jennings Experience

The Titus Jennings Experience

The Experience is, loosely, a rock/indie/alternative music programme (although I always say “Never Mind The Genres”) which I have been presenting on different stations, and in slightly differing formats, for the best part of 30 years. I am delighted  that the show is back on air now. I’m even more delighted that the response, so far, has been amazing.

I have to say a huge thanks to the Captain and Crew at the very excellent Pirate Nation Radio, who have offered the show a berth at 10pm on Saturday nights. I hope you can join me for the show.

If you’re generally out boogieing in the latter part of a Saturday night, then there’s an earlier airing you from 2-4pm on Radio Telstar International to give your Saturday afternoon that Experience twist.

There’s another Saturday evening airing on Veteran Families Radio from 6-8pm in case your preference is for an early evening Experience.

The show also airs during the week. You can tune in to Vulcan Sound Radio on Mondays from 4-6pm and feast your ears on top tunes with no boundaries. For a later-night Monday Experience, tune in to Pennine 1 who air the show from 9-11pm (with a repeat on Friday nights from 8-10pm). Alternatively  enjoy a Tuesday night Experience, courtesy of Identify Radio, who broadcast the show on Tuesdays from 2 ’til 4am and again from 7-9pm. For a Midweek Afternoon Experience tune in to WRFN1025 on a Wednesday afternoon from 4-6pm – this station repeats the show as well on Thursdays at Midnight and Monday mornings at 2am.

Friday night is Experience night on SLC Radio  from 7-9pm. Tune in to get your weekend started in the best possible fashion!

Expect to hear a lot of music which deserves to be heard – irrespective of the genre – much of it contemporary, but also including a great deal of music from the past. There will be regular featured albums, weekly features such as Two Songs One Title, bits of information spattered throughout the show, and a fair deal more.

If you’re not able to catch the broadcasts on Pirate Nation, Radio Telstar International, Veteran Families Radio, Radio 25 Live, Vulcan Sound,  Identify Radio, Total Radio UK, WRFN1025 or SLC Radio then keep an eye on my blog, Twitter or Facebook pages for news of other stations taking the show. Discussions are, as they say, (always) ongoing.


2-4pm on Radio Telstar International http://m.radiotelstar.co.uk

4-6pm on Veteran Families Radio http://veterans-families-radio.weebly.com/

10pm-midnight on Pirate Nation http://piratenationradio.com/home


2-4am on WRFN1025 http://www.wrfn1025.org

4-6pm on Vulcan Sound Radio http://www.vulcansoundradio.co.uk

9-11pm on Pennine 1 http://www.pennine1.co.uk


2-4am on Identify Radio http://www.identifyradio.com

7-9pm on Identify Radio http://www.identifyradio.com


4-6pm on WRFN1025 http://www.wrfn1025.org


Midnight – 2am on WRFN1025 http://www.wrfn1025.org


7-9pm on SLC Radio http://www.slcradio.co.uk

8-10pm on Pennine 1 http://www.pennine1.co.uk





The Retro Album Chart Show

The Retro Album Chart Show

The Retro Album Chart Show is a 2 hour programme featuring album chart tracks from 2 years for a particular week. To keep it interesting (some may say challenging), I alternate tracks from each year throughout the show (admittedly there are some editions where I have to play more tracks from one year than the other, purely down to the fact that all the music comes from my own collection).

You can hear the show on the following exceptional stations (all times UK):


Noon ’til 2pm on Vulcan Sound Radio http://www.vsound.co.uk/

2 ’til 4pm on ABC Oldies http://www.abcoldies.uk

6’til 8pm on Pennine 1 http://www.pennine1.co.uk


Midnight ’til 2am on WVBI 100.1FM http://s579243062.onlinehome.us/

4 ’til 6am on WRFN1025 http://www.wrfn1025.org

10am ’til 12 Noon on Veterans Families Radio http://www.veterans-families-radio.weebly.com

12.30 ’til 2.30pm Radio Monro http://tunein.com/radio/Radio-Monro-UK-s286261/

1 ’til 3pm on Pirate Nation http://piratenationradio.com/home

2 ’til 4pm on Radio Telstar International http://m.radiotelstar.co.uk/

3 ’til 5pm on SLC Radio http://www.slcradio.co.uk

4 ’til 6pm on Pennine 1 http://www.pennine1.co.uk


8 ’til 10pm Radio Monro http://tunein.com/radio/Radio-Monro-UK-s286261/


1 ’til 3am on ABC Oldies http://www.abcoldies.uk


10pm ’til Midnight on ABC Oldies http://www.abcoldies.uk


2 ’til 4am on Identify Radio http://www.identifyradio.com

1 ’til 3pm on WRFN1025 http://www.wrfn1025.org

3 ’til 5pm on Identify Radio http://www.identifyradio.com

All these stations have radio players on their websites, are available via Tune In, and some use other streaming services as well (check the stations’ websites for details)

If you’re not sure what time the show is aired in your local time zone, this converter may help http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html

If you’d like to get in touch about the programme, maybe your station would like to broadcast it or your company would like to sponsor the show, please use the contact details on the front page of this site.

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