TitusRadio Rewind

As some people have lamented not being able to catch my programmes at the time they’re broadcast, I decided to start an archive service. You can point your browser to TitusRadio Rewind and hear shows a month after they were initially broadcast. I will update the site weekly. (I’ll try and do it every Monday, but there are no guarantees!)

The reason that the shows are being held back a month from initial broadcast before upload to TitusRadio Rewind is purely to allow the stations a chance to offer further repeats if they want to.

There are now many editions of both  The Retro Album Chart Show and The Titus Jennings Experience, dating back to 2016 and from as recently as four weeks ago, available to stream and enjoy – and of course to share with those around you, or further afield if you’d care to share the links. I’ve also added the full archive (a mere baker’s dozen) of the shows I recorded for BigL back in 2011. If there’s any interest I may add some of the Breakfast Shows I broadcast on Caroline Rocks back in 2004/5, although the quality of these is a little grungy due to the kit the shows were recorded on back in the day.

When I upload new (old) programmes, I will put updates on Facebook and Twitter, so be sure to keep an eye on the sites.